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Rspec Screenshot
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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Release Candidate 1 (alpha version)

Ladies and Gentlemen we have the pleasure to announce Jackbox RC1.  

With this release we have completed our integration into the Ruby base.  We have also concluded a number of enhancements and addressed a couple of previously standing issues.

The specification for Injector behavior under inheritance is now complete.  The spec on Injector naming and tags is also done.   With this release we also complete the specification on Injector Versioning, and the introspection API.  We introduce the concept of Soft Tags, and a new coding pattern we have termed Transformers Pattern.  We also introduce a new alias to the #injector function simply named #jack which fits in line with the product name of Jackbox.  

There is now a trace of the target hosted Injectors kept through an Injector #history also aliased to #versions.   Moreover there is a sub-trace to only the soft-tagged versions through the #tags method.  This history also holds a pointer to every #precedent in the chain.  

The basic method #with has been refined to evaluate definitions for a module using #module_eval and has been improved in some other subtle aspects.  The display of 'jacks' on the console was also improved to hopefully provide a more compact and more legible form.   

With this release we also introduced the concept of equality to Injectors.  Finally, this release starts the exploration on using Weak References for Injectors.  We’ll see how that goes.

For a more complete list of changes and enhancements, please refer to the CHANGES.txt on the gem itself as well as to the rspec files and README.

I would like to thank once again all the people who have shown their support and interest, and wish everyone happy coding.