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Friday, January 23, 2015

Injector Naming/Tagging

In this release, we primarily increased the integration with the Ruby base and have eliminated the NEED to use #inject/#enrich although these are still recommended for injectors from a cognitive standpoint. However, injectors now accept and it is now completely possible to just use #include/#extend, for which the former are now just aliases, even with Injector Versioning.
Also, we continued the trend to set some design limits on the code, tried to manifest those in the form of Jackbox::UserError, improved injector directive algorithms, cleaned up some of the specs and comments, and once again have improved the Readme file.  Finally, the concept of version naming/tagging was introduced.

    injector :Bar

    Tag = Bar do
      def foo_bar
        'a bar and foo'

    AnotherTag = Bar do
      def foo_bar
        'a foo and bar'

    class One
      inject Tag                                        # first version tag
    end == 'a bar and foo'

    class Two
      inject AnotherTag                                 # second version tag
    end == 'a foo and bar'
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